Monday, October 22, 2012


She is the girl who admits that weird and different is her thing. A 15 year old high school student who doesn't like to dress up to school, but has a really different and effortless fashion sense. She's also lucky to have the opportunity to travel to different countries(you get to see all her travel diaries in her blog whilst you sit right there being all envious). As you read through, you will find the way she be herself. Her true self! 

Tell me about yourself.
I'm Michelle Ho and I'm 15. Currently residing in Los Angeles. I'm originally from Malaysia and I moved to US a year ago. I have that passion in fashion blogging and photography which is kinda odd in the area I live because I can never find anyone that's practically have a huge interest in those(only when I step out to somewhere near downtown). I blog about my outfits, travel experience, and my personal life in and I sometime cracks about jokes that's not-so-really funny(I do rant about my school life too). I simple adore anything that's original and full of creativity, which is why I can never have a perfect drawing(if you get what I mean). When I go to school, I go along with pullovers and skinnys, but not fancy and layerings(this is me). 
How would you describe your style?
Variable is the word to describe, but I'm somehow more into casual and preppy. I'm never that kind of girl who has the style that's depending on their mood. I don't know why but my mood is always the same and it will never affect my style. That's me. Typical Michelle.
How did BEMYSELF start?
When I moved to LA, the first thing I do is share all my photos in Facebook. Then, photography kinda attracted me. So, I created a blog to share about my daily life and some other inspirations I got from others. Few months later, I was inspired by a blogger who is really into Japanese fashion and I figured out I could do something different by creating my own outfits so I thought of making my blog into a fashion blog instead. 

What do you hope to achieve with BEMYSELF?
Getting more loyal readers of course. The loveliest thing is seeing one of the comment contains more than 50 words and the one who wrote it, is your loyal reader(I feel loved to have them)! Also, not to mention work opportunities and internships. 
Who usually take your pictures?
My sister, who is just a 12 year old girl. I personally think that she has the talent on photography too. She also owns a blog:

What camera are you using for the pictures?
Nikon D700 with a AF-S 24-70mm lens.

Few things you really love about the place you live.
The atmosphere around me. It's very beautiful to have all the trees and other green living things surrounding your house. What I also love about is the distance between my house and the town(darn near to the mall is a good thing, so don't judge)!

Which is your favorite fashion designer at this moment, why?
Marc Jacobs! Amazing designs and collections! Always have and will be my favorite!! 
What are your personal favorite blogs, why?
Pale division by Willabelle Ong, Gary Pepper by Nicole Warne, Ordinary People by Alyssa, and A Go-go by Jennifer Humphrey. What I love about them is the photos in their blogs and the way the express everything throughout the photos. I also love reading their stories and I couldn't love more about their style! 

What do you do when you're not blogging?
I procrastinate on my homework. and sometimes when I'm bored I draw or either read! I also love playing with my dad's camera when I have some spare time too. Getting inspirations from blogs also counts too, I guess. Well, I love browsing through blogs by blogs and just look at the photos and get fascinated by it.
Any advice for anyone who wants to start her/his own blog?
Be confident about starting a blog! It's not really hard as long as you go through it, because you'll find it fun and you'll make it as your hobby as soon as you're addicted with it. Make sure to be very original, the more original you are the more people will try to imitate you(this is a good thing). Try to go along with it as soon as you get to a certain of followers and also ask for some opinions from your readers(they are always helpful). Well, you will also get some negative/contemptible comments from others. So, just ignore and don't give a crap about it(some others human being have no life), because the more you care the more 'hates' they give. 


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